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8 Digits Game is the Modern Version of Sudoku in a smartly built yet very simple puzzle game setting. Add up the numbers and reach 8 digits before tens of thousands of other 8Digits players do. To reach the target score simply touch the numbers to add up. Be careful you have to match the target score exactly. A few rounds of puzzle can be solved in minutes, however it gets harder as you continue solving the number puzzles. This app is the perfect and simplistic version of previous free Sudoku Games in the store and a great way of refreshment in any place. Show your skills to climb up in the leaderboard and show the world that you are the smartest puzzle solver. HOW TO PLAY: Touch the numbers on the bottom to add up to target number on top. Every time you solve the puzzle, the target updates to a higher number. You can touch and de-touch the numbers to make the puzzle easier to solve. After a few level be careful with the timer on top of the screen and make sure to finish the puzzle before the time runs out. The app is built in the smallest size with beautiful graphics and high performance gameplay with minimum battery usage.

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